Enhancing Stone Harbor through charitable and civic activities

Our History

The Women’s Civic Club of Stone Harbor was organized in 1913, one year before the Borough of Stone Harbor was incorporated, with a purpose of devising ways and means for the betterment of the Borough. During its first decade it ran entertainments for young people and contributed the proceeds to pay the insurance premiums and the interest on the mortgage for the volunteer fire department. The Club held daily afternoon programs in a local hotel, organized a Night in Venice festival, and contributed the proceeds to the ladies’ auxiliary of the Fire Company. In the 1920s the Club presented the Borough of Stone Harbor with its first public restrooms. In the 1930’s it built and turned over to the Borough two beach pavilions. When the first clubhouse was built in 1937 a key provision of the construction contract was that all materials had to be purchased from the town’s merchants.

In the 1940’s the Civic Club had many activities for youth and the community. The members aided the War effort by preparing bandages and by furnishing one of the company day rooms at Fort Dix. Cakes and cigarettes, as well as hospitality, were furnished to Coast Guard personnel stationed in the community to patrol the beaches.

In the 1950’s in addition to community social programs such as art classes and a singing chorus, the club planted over 650 trees in a two-year period. The members also planted flowers, organized a flower show and initiated the “Little Miss Stone Harbor” contest, which continued for over thirty years.

In the 1960’s the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary, and introduced outdoor dances on the borough’s basketball courts. The Clubhouse was destroyed by a Northeaster in 1962 and was rebuilt in 1963.

Our Officers

Mia Donnell
First Vice President
Elaine Cubbage
Recording Secretary
Judy Truesdell

Corresponding Secretary
Alexandra Kokonos
VP Membership
Patty Stump
Joan Green
Phyllis Reger

VP Rentals/Publicity
Lori Knickerbocker
VP Facilities
Ellen Emanuel
Director-Fundraising & Special Events
Lucinda O'Connor

Interested in Becoming a Member?

Our members are working women, mothers, retirees, community leaders, professionals, business owners and life-long volunteers, united in one purpose – to connect with other women.